"Another Way" is my third release and perhaps my most personal song so far.  The lyrics reflect a life long struggle to pursue my own path in the face of resistance by others.  The song is about that moment when I recognize that what I am getting from a particular situation is "less than the least I would take" and that “I don't need a reason when it's time to move on".   That moment can be sobering and daunting, yet extremely liberating.  This has been my year to face my own inner struggles and to embrace personal growth.  As a result this year has been the most productive year I have experienced as artist.

There comes a time in our lives when we have to make tough decisions that might entail leaving people, places or things behind in order to move forward and follow the path we know and feel we must take.  This process is not easy and the struggle to chose what we know is right for ourselves can be tough.  It is hard to disappoint others and to deal with the negativity that can follow.  But the people who truly love us, our families and those who are our true friends will understand and support the choices we make for ourselves.  Sometimes, it is the uncomfortable truth that when we choose to walk through an open door, the one that leads back to the way things were closes behind us.  This is a reality we must face when making decisions that affect our path and our happiness.  The alternative is to stay in place and live a life filled with regret spending nights wondering what could have been, what would have been, if only...  Follow your path because in the end it is yours and yours alone.