My journey as Soul Glitch has been an interesting one and a great deal about personal growth, particularly in the area of personal power.   It's taken me a while to figure out how to take these big steps and bring my electronic music vision to life because I first had to evolve personally before I could get to a place where I could create from a place of freedom and power.   I've been producing electronic music since college, a love which started when I was in high school.  I have never, ever, however,  performed my music.  

This is how Soul Glitch started:  I went to a music production school in San Francisco after college.  This is where I started to scratch the surface of what my art would eventually become.  It was there that I discovered what I loved to produce.  During that time I developed friendships with some really awesome people who encouraged me to take on the name Soul Glitch because of my soulful singing and saxophone playing.  The glitch part comes from the way I love to manipulate audio and my use of effects.  And although I did get a really good education and grew my expertise as a saxophonist and vocalist I had not been able to take the lead and create my own performance project.  Instead I spent my time playing with many different bands sax, flute and also vocals.  

All along I have been interested in personal growth and I am an avid fan of podcasts in psychology, nutrition and wellness.  All of which led to this past year when I decided it was time to take the plunge and bring my vision to life.  I was finally at a place where I felt my own power and readiness to take the risks this type of decision entails. The first step on my journey was to back out of all projects that did not further my journey as a performing artist.  This was difficult.  Sometimes people do not want to let go because they truly believe it is their right to own you in some way to serve their purpose.  I grew a lot from those stressful experiences. I learned a lot about making sure that I make decisions that serve my art and my journey and to stop wanting to please others and serve their needs.  

So now here I am.  Over the years I have been a part of a great community of artists and Soul Glitch is very fortunate to have three amazing musicians and wonderful brothers who take this project very seriously.  This is all I can ask for in every way and more than I thought was possible.  The music is slowly but surely coming to life and I  cannot wait to share it with you.  Have a good Thanksgiving.