Sometimes we go down a road because it seemed convenient, or because pressures from family or society brainwashing us into believing a certain path is for us.  Sometimes we have no destination in mind and look outside ourselves for a place to head to since we can’t think of where else to head.  Regardless of how you start that journey, a journey that begins with a map drawn by other hands and given to us to follow, at some point we realize that this is not our path, this is not our map to follow. 

This is the moment when we find ourselves at the end of the road.  It can be a frightening, sobering but enlightening moment in that at the end of a particular road we have chosen to embark on, we come to realize that we have been heading nowhere near where our true destiny lies.  It therefore becomes our task to find another path that we feel fits what truly excites us.  Sometimes in order to discover this you have to wander, explore, become lost but do not despair because “not all who wander are lost”.  Safe travels.