The title of my first single and music video could not describe better the journey that has led me here.  I have been a professional musician playing in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade.  While I have enjoyed this part of my career, I have dreamed of my own project for years and have always loved electronic music.  Some of my musical heroes are Sohn, BT, Jamiroquai, Tycho, to name a few.  I started to write the songs that you will hear in the coming months a long time ago but I, like many other artists, did not believe in myself and my ability to bring this project to full fruition.  Last year, step by step, I began my journey.  It has been exhilarating, frightening and frustrating at times.  Not to mention the hours and hours of seemingly endless work.  But with the release of "Don"t Hesitate" I can see that it was all worth it.  My deepest hope is that you enjoy my music and that you find in it a message of hope, love, understanding and acceptance of yourself and others.  

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  • Gloria
    Gloria California
    Wow! Wonderful,,,

    Wow! Wonderful,,,

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