My next single and music video  "Greatest Version" is scheduled to be released shortly.  Being so close to my second release has definitely boosted my confidence in my ability to create original work.  I feel a growing faith in my own creative process and, because of that,  it has become easier to allow the work to flow more organically.   

This is my second music video and I am so excited to share this with everyone.  I am a die-hard sci-fi fan and the concept for this video has been germinating for a very long time.  Did you ever have an idea for a project that was so clear and visualized in its entirety in your mind?  For me "Greatest Version" is that project.  I chose an ambitious and very technical vehicle for the story and so it's been many weeks of late hours and intense technical work for me.  It has tested my patience and resilience over and over again.  It hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it.  Most things that are worthwhile are bound to be difficult but because of that struggle in the end there is great pride once you see it though to completion. I am very proud of how it is turning out and my sincerest hope is that you enjoy it.

When I stop and  think about the past year there are so many stars that have fallen in alignment for me and everything points to great things ahead.  I am humbled by that.  

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