There's a lot of noise out there in the world right now.  It's loud and it's constant.  It's often hard to ignore.  It's meant to grab your attention, pull you in and pick a side.  It turns us against one another.  It can be all too easy to get caught up in things that have nothing to do with connecting to one another or connecting with our deeper selves.   Rather than getting distracted by the loudest voices in the room we can instead take this as inspiration to focus on what truly matters to us.  Tuning into our own deeper voice will guide us in deciding what to listen to, what to ignore, what to challenge, what to discard.  Opening our ears to listen for what is real will bring us to a place where we can love ourselves and each other,  where we can find our way through all the noise to get at what is our own very personal truth.  The noise that matters comes from deep within you, not from the media noise that powers itself and thrives by way of chaos and distraction. It preys on our deepest fears that in today's world, it understands more than ever.  Follow your inner voice, listen to yourself, and switch off the noise.


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