Soul Glitch is a musical project that blurs the lines between technology and art to create an electrifying, multi-sensory experience that nourishes both the body and soul. With roots in the San Francisco music scene, Soul Glitch has evolved into a fusion of songwriting, controllerism, video, light, and sound that pushes the boundaries of traditional live performances. 

Solo artist Nicholas Hasty, a self-proclaimed social-outcast turned artistic-technologist, Soul Glitch is the product of his obsession with all forms of media and technology. Hasty's passion for music and electronics began at an early age and has since fueled his exploration of new and unconventional ways of using these technologies. 

Hasty's passion for the saxophone runs deep. He received a solid classical and jazz education growing up, but it was the pulsating rhythms of electronic music of the late 90s that inspired him. Through his multidisciplinary approach, Hasty channels his creative soul, resulting in a dynamic fusion of genres that include Indietronica, electro-pop, and synth-pop. His music seamlessly integrates infectious beats with lyrical messages that reflect the human condition, creating an atmospheric experience that transcends the typical musical paradigm. Whether he's performing live or producing in the studio, Hasty's music is a reflection of his artistic vision and dedication to his craft. 

Saxophone is his deepest passion as an instrumentalist.  From the upbringing of a solid Classical and Jazz education, yet drawing inspiration from the pulsating rhythms of electronic music in the late 90s, Hasty's multidisciplinary approach channels his soulful, visceral connection to the body as an instrument, resulting in a dynamic fusion of Indietronica, electro-pop, and synth-pop genres.


Soul Glitch takes live Electro-Pop into unexplored territories, layering synth-heavy production, melodic instrumentation, rich harmonies, and heartfelt vocals to deliver a cutting-edge, immersive experience that disrupts the established framework of artistic creation. Through sound, imagery, and visceral sensation, Soul Glitch invites its audience to tune into their higher selves and find meaningful purpose in the interdependency of humanity and all living things. 

—We Write About Music 

“It is Hasty’s deepest wishes that his music has a positive and profound impact on others. He deeply believes that there is, in each and every one of us, a boundless capacity for love, empathy and connectedness to each other and the world we inhabit. His love of humanity is evident in his lyrics which promotes self-awareness, emotional intelligence and personal growth.” 

— Lifoti Magazine 

“The socially responsible and conscious song writer, keeps close to the things that matter to his life and of his fellow man-kind. Music is one of his ways to express his angsts, challenges, resolutions, and love to the world that he loves.” 

— Caesar Live N Loud 

Each piece of music Hasty creates is crafted with exquisite and delicate precision--he puts immense thought and care into his work, and no piece is finished until every ounce of his being is a part of his creation.  When Hasty isn’t thoroughly immersed in his music or creating his own music videos, he spends his time tending to his home garden, connecting with nature, and making his own home-crafted chocolates. These simple pleasures infuse the rich, and grounded nature of his music, constantly fueling his work with the reminder of the earth we all come from. 


Soul Glitch is making waves with the latest release of his single, "Need to Stay."  The compelling track, available now on all streaming platforms, combines dark and raw synth elements, epic trap beats, and soulful harmonies to create an unforgettable musical experience. 

"Need to Stay" delves into the depths of our collective conscience, capturing the essence of a world plagued by injustice.  Soul Glitch's poignant lyrics and infectious melodies convey a deep yearning to fight for what is right, refusing to turn a blind eye to societal issues.  The song's message resonates with listeners, urging them to take a stand and make a difference. 

The collaborative efforts of Soul Glitch and esteemed producer Max Savage have resulted in a musical masterpiece. Savage's keen expertise in production elevates the track, ensuring a seamless fusion of genres and an immersive sonic experience. 

Soul Glitch draws inspiration from the tumultuous state of contemporary society.  His passion for addressing these societal regressions compelled him to craft "Need to Stay" as a powerful anthem that sparks introspection and action. 

Listeners can expect a truly unique musical arrangement in "Need to Stay."  The song seamlessly combines dark and raw synth-heavy elements with epic trap beats, creating a captivating soundscape.  The addition of dramatic horn sections adds a layer of intensity to the track, while Soul Glitch's smooth vocals and soulful harmonies provide a balance of vulnerability and strength.

Nicholas Hasty grew up in a small town in Northern California, where he often felt like an outsider. He found solace in music and technology, spending countless hours tinkering with computers and synthesizers in his bedroom. As he got older, he realized that music was the connective tissue that he had been missing in his life. 

After studying music in college and a 2 year stint playing Saxophone professionally on cruise ships, Hasty moved to San Francisco and attended a music production school. It was there that he met a community of like-minded musicians, producers, and mentors who encouraged him to pursue his passion for music and technology. He spent his days in class, learning the technical aspects of music production, and his nights exploring the city's vibrant music scene. 

Over time, Hasty began to experiment with different genres and styles, blending electronic music with acoustic instrumentation and incorporating visual elements into his live performances. Today, Soul Glitch is known for their electrifying, multi-sensory performances that blur the lines between music, art, and technology. Hasty continues to explore new and unconventional ways of using technology in his music, always striving to create a deeper connection between the body, the soul, and the music.