Nicholas Jarrell Hasty, better known by the artist name SOUL GLITCH, is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer,  producer and controllerist.  Based in Northern California, SOUL GLITCH creates Epic Soultronica (a dynamic fusion of indietronica, electro-pop and synth-pop genres), seamlessly integrating infectious beats with messages of personal and social empowerment.  SOUL GLITCH is about tuning in to our higher selves and finding meaningful purpose in the interdependency of humanity and all living things.” 

SOUL GLITCH is a multi-sensory experience taking live Electro-Pop into unexplored territories with captivating and meaningful songs of the human condition we all share and how we grow both as individuals and as a collective.  This message is shared through musicianship in synergy with acoustic instruments, synthesizers, and audio effects in a realtime re-mix of live performance. 

Drawing inspiration from the pulsating rhythms of electronic producer BT, the soulful vocals of SOHN, and the luscious melodies of Jamiroquai, Soul Glitch invites you to explore a better world with hearts open to the collective human experience. Songs are built on synth-heavy production, layered with melodic instrumentation, rich harmonies, and heartfelt vocals that will inspire you to be moved both within and without. 

Soul Glitch released his debut album “Primis” Spring 2020.  The anticipated record  featured new solo work, as well as bonus collaborations with two-time Grammy Nominated Producer, BRIDGES (Wildheart by Miguel, Automatic by Kaskade).