I will be releasing my first cover song today, "Shameless",  one of two songs just released by Camilla Cabello from her upcoming LP "Romance".   You can see my video performance on YouTube and the song will be dropping on all platforms today.  Learning this song, having it produced and filming a video was extremely challenging to do in four days, a really short amount of time for all the work it entailed.  I tend to be a perfectionist and when your producer calls you and tells you to do a cover video of a song released just that day, well, it's a scramble to say the least!  I honestly did not think I could do this so quickly but it's true that you do what you must do when the time comes.  Simultaneously, I had full rehearsals with my band  and flew to the East Coast to meet with a good friend who is working with me on vocals for a track I'm releasing in early November.  All in four days!  It was an exhausting way to start my week but in the end, I discovered that I can work really fast and efficiently when I have to.  This is something I just learned about myself.  There is really no such thing as Impossible.  I will try to hold onto this lesson as I continue to face the challenges that life throws at me.  I think that we are all capable of much more than what we believe we can do.  I believe that our limitations are decided in our minds then believed to be reality when, in fact, they are stories that we tell ourselves.  Those stories then become who we are.  So, to change and evolve we must also change the stories.