This song is inspired by my curiosity of how our human minds are programed to perceive and react to what it believes to be dangerous.  I’ve been increasingly interested in this as I dig deeper into my own fear states, and try to understand their roots in order to continue moving forward with my own growth, professional and otherwise.  There is an increasing awareness and an expanding scientific body of knowledge about what has made us adaptable throughout our evolution as a species.  When any sentient life form perceives a threat in its environment, it is programmed to take precautionary measures and use defensive strategies that have been passed down for many generations of its ancestral line.  This mechanism is something that throughout our history has helped us become more resilient and adaptable to the forces of nature.  So today, even though we no longer face the dangers that threatened our ancestor’s lives on a daily basis, our brains remain constantly on watch and are scanning for anything we perceive as a threat to our survival.  What was once an essential survival mechanism now creates challenges in the relatively new environment we inhabit.  When you perceive fear where none exists, you live in a mental state in which you have few alternatives.  When we leave this mental state unchecked, we easily create a perception somewhere in between “what is real and what it seems.”  When we are able to perceive reality from a state of conscious awareness, we can then quite literally “unlock this dream” and break away from embedded patterns of fear-based reactions, simply because it’s been “written in Our Code.”