PRIMIS is a collection of songs that represent my ongoing journey of discovering who I am as an artist and a human being.  Through writing  each of these songs, I essentially became less involved with endeavors (musical and otherwise) that did not resonate with my personal consciousness as I started to grow more fully into my own identity.   This, of course, was not an easy transition for me as I needed to say “no” to people, and this has always been a significant challenge.   There are many lessons I’ve learned during some of these inevitable shifts of my energy output.  Perhaps one of the most profound revelations I’ve had is recognizing who truly encourages and supports me in my journey. 

I originally released these songs as singles, but this time in isolation has forced me to reflect on my body of work which then led to the decision to release them in this album.  Each and every song signifies different key aspects of growing into an authentic state of existence. 

I named my debut album PRIMIS, which in Latin means “first” in anticipation of many more collections to come, the next of which I’m excited to say is already in its embryonic stage.  The release time for this album is an interesting one for sure since together we all are facing fear and uncertainty as a people.  Through my work, my hope is to instill optimism:  that we continue to learn how to co-exist in this world together and spark an awareness of the power we have to face adversity no matter how difficult.   

I feel there is no better way to spread this message than to share this part of myself not only as an artist but as a person always striving to learn and to grow.