The human community is a tribe.  Sadly, we are divided and isolated from one another in ways that, in the long run, will not serve us.  So much of the rhetoric out there is meant to exaggerate the minor differences among us and infuse us with anger and fear over these insignificant differences.  We must resist this insidious manipulation and reconnect with what we know is a fundamental truth, "it doesn't matter who you are, we're created from the same star".   

In this song I want to point out and remind us that we are not as far apart as we appear to be if only we can set free all of our misperceptions, misconstructions and mistrust of one another.   Playing "the same old game " is an unsustainable position for the human race.  It's time we "play this a different way".  As individuals we have a choice to be passive and allow ourselves to be fed a poison brew, or we can remove the blinders that have been placed to create false perceptions and refuse to be divided and conquered. 

I truly believe that if we look just pass what is being placed so maliciously in front of us, "look past the horizon" we can see the potential that we have to recognize that we are indeed a tribe of gods.  A tribe that possesses infinite potential to do right by one another; to love and care for one another.  We really are not so far apart but that our perceptions make it so.