It's been a while since my last post.  Soul Glitch been busy creating more electronic music that I hope you will love.  I just released "Tribe of Gods" the day before my birthday.  I hope you are enjoying it.  In January I was in Maui shooting footage for a music video that will be out later this year after releasing the single. My band and I are busy getting our performance locked-in and I'm excited to play my songs for you very soon.  

This blog post, however, is about my latest song "What You Need to Say" which you will get to hear when I release it on May 31st,   The song was inspired by an  experience last year with someone I use to know and used to call a friend.   It was not an easy song to write, but important that I do so. It forced me to analyze the nature of my relationship with this individual and to see it for what it really was.  For many years I thought of this as a friendship and there were moments throughout when he was a friend to me in many ways.  But looking back I can see that I overlooked a lot of what is his true nature as we all do when we feel close to someone and want to preserve our positive perceptions of that person.  It is now hard, however, to deny consciously what I probably knew all along on a deeper level.  

Let me ask you this question:   Who has the right to define who you are?  And what motivates someone to frame your existence in the most negative way possible in an effort to manipulate and undermine your self-perception and self-worth.  I think we all know people  who believe they are "all wise" and who assert to care so much that they are compelled and eager to give you "feedback" about who you are, your life choices and the people you love.  The feedback undoubtedly is composed of  all that they perceive to be your negative qualities and alleged poor life choices.  It is presented as a "verbal intervention" that is supposed to "shake you up" and force you to see yourself in the way they have defined you.  When you scratch the surface, however, there is always an agenda behind the attack.  In this case it was anger over being denied something that I was,  in no way, obligated to give to him.  In my life I've learned that hidden agendas often dominate someone's attacks on your character, life style and personal choices. It is a manipulation intended to undermine your belief in yourself, your chosen path and an effort to exert control over your life.  That he would perceive me to be that gullible says a lot about him.  Regardless, when all is said and done "you know you don't know me", and no one gets to define who I am.