I began to write my fourth single release "Take It Back" after watching Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's  Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. Despite all the revelations about him which pointed to the fact that he would not be a judge who would serve for the good of the American people he nevertheless was appointed, much to the horror of most of us who painfully sat through that hearing. I watched how others reacted to this tragic event with a deep sense of helplessness and hopelessness, a feeling of powerlessness and even despair. My song is an open letter to those in power and those who feel oppressed by our ever evolving social and political paradigm. 

The time for deception and corruption is almost over, people are not going to allow this control to prevail. In this song we confront the powers that be and make them face the inevitable end to their hold;  to face the fact that their time will be over soon. They can't take our power back, I know this. This power belongs to us and it is not something that can be stripped away. In many ways they will create their own demise "if we let it run its course".  Not to say we should passively sit back and wait. We have the power to choose where to direct our energies and how to react to those in perceived authority. We have the power to not direct our energies against something but rather direct our energies to rally towards the future we wish to cultivate for ourselves and future generations. This song is a celebration of the collective determination we have as human beings to transcend this moment in history no matter how difficult. 

When I began the Soul Glitch project I intended to embrace themes of social, political and personal challenges and growth. I truly believe we cannot evolve into our higher selves without facing adversity. For this evolution to take place we also need each other. After all, whether we want to admit this or not, all of humanity is interdependent. There is great beauty and power when we work as a collective for the good of all.